Thursday, 15 May 2008

I don't need diamonds and pearls.....

"What do you want for your 50th birthday?" my husband asked. I couldn't give him an answer right away and thought about it for days. A diamon ring? A golden necklace? The world was mine and I could choose on its top shelf.
But I don't have much need for diamons and pearls, and hesitated to put it on top of my wish list.
Suddenly I knew the answer to Terje's question. "I want your loving hands in the garden!"
His hands are working in the garden just as much as mine are, but his gift for me will be some special project. First the kitchen veranda will get a well deserved face lift. Second I want a potting shed. Third.......wel,, that's not decided yet.
How long will I be able to claim extra working hours from him :-)


A wildlife gardener said...

Happy 50th Birthday, Britt-Arnhild :)

Teamwork...that's what love and marriage is all about :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Thanks wildlife gardener.

yes, teamwork is worth alot more than diamonds and pearls :-)

Anonymous said...

I nice wish. Everything is going to look beautiful!