Tuesday, 4 December 2007


With all the white snow outdoors, it is also nice at this time of the year to decorate with a little white indoors. Since it is advent all my candles are in purple, so this shining white amaryllis stands out with its own beauty and charm.
I bought the amaryllis bulb a few weeks ago with the idea in my mind that it would be a perfect flower for Christmas. Well, the amaryllis grew too fast for me, and is giving me its charm and scent during advent instead.

I have just been out the garden to feed the birds. We have had a couple of very cold days, so the snow is hard and icy now. It is a difficult period for the birds, so they are eager when I come with the sunflower seeds, though they have to standing in line, waiting, when the squirrels come. I am watching it all from my studio window.


Barbara said...

Unfortunately my two stem white (too!) amaryliss only bloomed a few days! I think they didn't like the warm dining room! Today we had our RORATE service. Do you know this in your church too? (BTW, I'm working for the church as you do..but with children of all ages!). Have a nice day!

Olivia Kroth said...

Your amaryllis is a real snow queen, so beautiful and white.
Mine blossoms in red, very pretty, too.

snappy said...

Hi Britt,What a gorgeous Amaryllis!I will have to wait to buy one now untill next year.I bought a bird table today and saw a few birds in the garden.They have been starved in all the other gardens (where it is all concrete, stones, and perennial weeds).Im trying to create an oasis in the bleak row of unused gardens!
The bird table looks fabulous.I will need to clear a space in the kitchen or second bedroom to watch the birds!
There is great joy in small things like feeding the birds when the weather is harsh.