Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fruit trees in The Blue Garden


Ann said...

Beautiful photos. It's a good year for apples in Tennessee. Last year we had a late freeze, and got very few. I had a newly-pruned apple tree (done by a beloved parishioner who died suddenly), and so was very disappointed. But this year I walk by that apple tree and always say, "It's a great year for apples, Ray!" This year I even have grapes on my grapevines!

Barbara said...

What do I see here, together with the lovely fruittree blooms? A wonderful dark blue sky! So many days we now had these grey rainy clouds that I enjoy your pictures very much!
Have a wonderful weekend!

somepinkflowers said...

i love coming over here
what you have blooming.


your world
is so different from mine.
i feel i can have a bigger world
when i blog-hop
with you.

i do!

thanks for sharing
even though
i don't know what
some of these flowers are!

i am *crazy*
for those multi-colored tulips
from your last posting.
we cannot grow those here
even find them to buy.

you are
most a most fortunate gardener!