Sunday, 24 February 2008

Garden colours indoors.

The winters here at Huseby are long and cold. Snow and ice is what you find out in the garden, and there is not much to write about for a gardener. besides I've been very busy at work so maintaining my main blog has been enough these past weeks.
But days are getting longer and temperatures milder, and I am longing for spring.
So what do I do then? I buy daffodils to enjoy indoors and I read about gardens and flowers. A friend in Cornwall sent me a book for Christmas; Golden Harvest. The story of Golden Harvest. The story of daffodil growing in Cornwall and the isles of Scilly by Andrew Tompsett. A lovely book sparkling with the yellows of thousands of daffodils.
I'm going to take the night train down to Oslo tonight. And if I can't sleep I will be surrounded by flowering words.

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