Sunday, 29 April 2007

Blue in the Blue Garden

Terje's work in the backyard wilderness keeps on. He spent hours out there today doing a great job. Thanks to Mouse and Ardi for your ideas of what we can do back there. We will keep them in mind. I have already planned to make part of my garden a place for reflections and prayers, but I never thought of the backyard wilderness. It might be the perfect area Mouse.
The temperatures are still cold, but with an extra fleece jacket on we had our coffee on the kitchen balcony.

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Ardi said...

Not only a wilderness, but here we have what are called backyard wildlife sanctuaries. The purpose is to provide water and native plantings and other plantings to attract butterflies and birds. Some people even go so far as to apply for an official title and are given a plaque that denotes that status. Our garden has all the elements, but we're not official. I look forward to seeing how that area grows.